That’s not much higher than what I’d pay at Costco and Costco is the place to go for a decent selection and a low price. Kermesse provides cue sheets, GPS files, and event instructions to navigate New Jersey’s vast Pine Barrens. UPDATE 05/11/2019:A… Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2018. If the glasses you order from Zenni don’t work for you, though, prepare to accept store credit (worth 100% of your original purchase price) or just half of your money back, excluding shipping. For those looking for an event in 2020, this self guided tour is it. Me? To learn more about buying prescription eyeglasses online, we spoke to Dr. Christopher Quinn, a past president of the American Optometric Association. Middle row: Liingo “Verona” (left), Warby Parker “Fitch” (right). Most of the reviews I found out there are from cycling perspective, so I thought I'd write up a brief data point here outside of the cycling perspective. Some tips: If you have vision insurance, you may be able to submit an out-of-network claim for prescription eyeglasses you buy online. David Kind offers in-home try-on and a no-questions-asked, 30-day return policy, but the cheapest frame and lens combinations are $295. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ROKA Halsey Performance Polarized Sunglasses Designed for Sport for Men and Women - Matte Black Frame - Dark Carbon (Polarized) Lens at But after updating our brand comparison and glasses testing in 2019, we think most people will find better prices on potentially better prescription eyeglasses elsewhere. I was able to snag 10% off our first Zenni order this way. Photos: Rozette Rago, Some of the glasses we ordered for me, Tester 2. These were half the price of the similar Warby Parker pair we’d ordered for her ($295, with 1.59 lenses), and significantly cheaper than the equivalent glasses we got at EyeBuyDirect and Liingo. credit. Compared with any of our picks, Warby Parker offers far fewer frame styles; this limited catalog may mean you’re less likely to find something you love. Custom. When one of our orders didn’t arrive, I contacted customer service. And like the other Roka sunglasses we’ve tested, the … CJ Rudy. Since 2017, we’ve spent more than 100 hours evaluating the websites of online glasses stores, comparing their policies, ordering and returning dozens of pairs of glasses, playing with fitting tools, and learning how to find glasses that fit—with or without being able to try on frames first. Zenni donates them to Lions Clubs International. It’s almost always cheaper to buy both frames and high-index lenses from EyeBuyDirect, Liingo Eyewear, or Zenni Optical than to buy new lenses alone from Lensabl, a company that specializes in filling prescriptions on frames you already have. #oakley #oakleybike #oakleycycling #oakleyhelmet #unubtainium #oakleyaro5 #mips #boa #xstatic #creakybottombracket #roadcycling #aeroiseverything #cycling #cyclingreviews #helmetreview #helmet #darkhelmet #lordhelmet, Hello old friend. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Eyeconic has more than 1,500 frames available, but there’s only one lens-and-frame combination under $100. Most of the reviews I found out the If not, and you remember where you bought your last pair of specs, give the shop a call. It’s obvious so we might as we get it out there first: Roka’s Torino glasses in sky blue/ orange frame let us feel like Steve McQueen every time we slip them on. Even we proudly display the blue, orange, black, and white of Gulf colors. Of the seven brands we tested, EyeBuyDirect offers the most impressive balance of aesthetics and affordability. Roka I have reviewed a few pairs of Roka sunglasses and have enjoyed riding with each one. With a commonly available coupon code, a pair of Lensabl blue-light blocking glasses with hydrophobic coating, scratch resistance, and UV protection can be purchased for less than $70. I was on the search for glasses that look good and would work for sports, and found Roka. SmartBuyGlasses offers virtual-try on, but its seemingly generous 100-day return policy applies only to brand-new, unused items with manufacturer seals intact. Collectively, online glasses retailers have a far greater variety of frames—including wider, narrower, and shallower styles, plus frames for people with lower nose bridges, higher cheekbones, or frame-weight restrictions—than what you’d find at any one optical shop. Travis Gneiting September 16, 2018 Reviews. Nancy Redd is a staff writer at Wirecutter covering everything from clip-in extensions to blow dryers. ROKA burst on the scene a couple of years ago with aviators for running. ROKA – GP-1X Cycling Sunglasses Review. “More things can go wrong.” So if you’re wearing thick plastic frames anyway and are not concerned about an extra gram or two of weight, you may do well to skip paying more for thinner lenses. (A 2020 test pair of single-vision prescription glasses arrived in just 33 hours.). Though we didn’t retest Jins in 2019, it has the largest selection of frames for people with low nose bridges of all the companies we considered (211 “alternative fit” styles at the time of publication, compared with Zenni Optical’s 129 and EyeBuyDirect’s 29). The Phantom Ti sunglassesare handcrafted in Japan and it’s easy to see the craftsmanship and care that has gone into making them. After more than 70 hours of research and appointments on five platforms, we recommend starting your search for an online therapist with Amwell. A common fitting issue arises if you have a low nose bridge—meaning the shallowest part of your nose is at or below your pupils—or high cheekbones. - Initially reluctant to try a brand outside our trusted suppliers, Roka has proven to have stylish and functional glasses. Roka is well known for its range of wetsuits with some of the world’s fastest and most high profile triathletes wearing the Texas company’s neoprene. EyeBuyDirect and Zenni allow customers to search specifically for lightweight frames, which can help someone avoid picking attractive yet unwearable glasses. Limited Time - Save $75 when you buy 2 pairs of Progressives. The feature of the famous Gulf livery, specifically made famous by McQueen’s Porsche 917, is what caught our attention. ROKA makes 3 frames I really like: Kona, Halsey and Barton. The ROKA AT-1 / AT-1x sunglasses did an outstanding job of staying put on my absurdly sweaty face. While we didn’t test them, all three of our picks sell prescription sunglasses. ROKA Matador Sports Sunglasses - Advanced Performance Eyewear for Cycling, … - They have slowly infiltrated the cycling ranks with impressive efforts. The Roka Phantom, a fashion-forward, lightweight, and comfortable pair of sunglasses, with superior optics and lens tints. The GEKO padding wrapping the nose … We also consulted Alysa Bernstein, an attorney with the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. ROKA C3 Lenses + Advanced Coatings . Furthermore it can be identified by any moderate racing fan. We found that most people can buy a stylish yet substantive pair of high-quality glasses with single-vision Rx lenses for under $100—even for stronger prescriptions. Roka Matador Review $195, 27g (as measured), For example, with Zenni I was able to choose the 1.57 lenses (included in the base price of $13), whereas EyeBuyDirect forced me to pay $33 to upgrade my $12 frames to 1.67 lenses, for a total cost of $45 for a similar pair of glasses. To have matte black and root beer as the other color offerings, Roka knew what they were doing with these glasses that pop. After that, the glasses went back to performing well. The Roka Torinos slip their way into the correct part of the face under the helmet and cap. 5.0 out of ... Love these glasses. These lovely $39 frames with 1.67 index prescription lenses shipped for $80 total. All of the retailers we ordered glasses from offer workarounds for determining your PD without a professional’s help. An IRS rule change means your employer may allow you to adjust your FSA contributions midyear. Online glasses retailers should ask for your PD when you order frames with prescription lenses. Designed for partly cloudy to bright and sunny conditions, the lens does a good job of heightening contrast. The company always offers a 20% discount for students and veterans; this may or may not be better than another coupon and cannot be combined with other offers. 39DollarGlasses offers virtual try-on, but previous panelists, in our 2018 testing, did not like the quality of the frames. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. Roka started out making athletic glasses for runners, bikers and triathletes, and many of its prescription frames are bendable at … Even though it has fewer frames to choose from than EyeBuyDirect, Liingo has the most generous full-refund policy of any retailer we considered—60 days, no questions asked. The 14-day “fit & style guarantee” may seem spartan compared with the 30- to 60-day return policies of other companies we tested (it’s the shortest of them all, tied with GlassesUSA). And why not? How we test gear. Like EyeBuyDirect, Zenni does not offer in-home frame trials. The average pair of prescription glasses is priced at $242, according to vision insurer VSP. We eliminated the following retailers without testing: Coastal has the same return policy, virtual try-on options, and parent company (EssilorLuxottica) as our pick, EyeBuyDirect. I’m wearing a pair as I write this, and - as Dan wrote in his review of ROKA eyewear more generally - I now consider them to be essential. Elsewhere, it’s up to the eye-care professional whether or not to provide this important information. It is entirely possible to snag a handsome, functional pair of single-vision glasses from Zenni for under $30 shipped: We did it multiple times, both during testing and after (when I bought myself a complete pair of $28 glow-in-the-dark specs). * Use pre-paid label to … Top row: Firmoo “P6080A” (left), Zenni “2023729” (right). Here is another place Roka did their work. Zenni’s warranty coverage is also lackluster compared with that of our other picks. (Jesse Thomas is an aviator guy. Our long-term testers remain happy with their glasses from Liingo, with no reported complaints. Road cyclists require glasses that sit higher on the face due to the riding position and the necessity to look out of the top of the lenses. The ROKA GP-1X is a larger version of the ROKA GP-1 made for full coverage and demands of long sunny and heated days on two wheels. They’re shown here, one Kona with a clear lens and one in a tint, and a Halsey in a tint. It also helped to slip them on under the Lazer helmet with the exact same color scheme. Travis Gneiting September 16, 2018 Reviews. If the glasses you buy online don’t work for you, for whatever reason, return them! The USP is that they have blended casual style with high-performance tech. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. Even though none of the retailers we tested directly took insurance, customers with vision insurance can submit their receipts for out-of-network provider reimbursement. For one, this begins with Roka’s whip-smart idea to include the Carl Zeiss brand as part of the manufacturing for their lenses. #wattsforthesole #ridgesupply #velokicks #creakybottombracket #laceups #cyclingsocks #cyclingshoes #strava #stravacycling #kom #rideshimano #gingham #wymta #cycling. - Total spend, including best-available discounts wherever possible and outbound shipping, for a single pair of prescription eyeglasses with the above-noted options for each tester. With limited retail locations ROKA has made trying on their different styles easy with the ‘Home Try-On’ program. Courtesy: Review. The company’s online shopping experience is perfunctory, and the retailer offers the fewest frame options of any of the sites we tested. GlassyEyewear has a limited number of frames available for a “super secret in-home try-on” and a no-questions-asked 30-day return policy, but there are fewer than 40 available frames. - But how do you know which pair is the best for you? (Photo: Inga Hendrickson) Mike Steere. Leigh Krietsch Boerner contributed reporting to this guide. With a single prescription lens, $195. Tester 3, who wears progressive lenses in acetate frames, chose Zenni glasses ($149, including 1.74 lenses) as her favorite pair. We found the company’s virtual try-on tool on a par with that from our main pick, EyeBuyDirect. Avg. To make the strongest possible direct comparisons across brands, we had each tester choose near-identical frames and lenses from each retailer. It can be identified from any angle at any track. Most of the reviews I found out there are from cycling perspective, so I thought I'd write up a brief data point here outside of the cycling perspective. Get Inspired Design From Scratch. But its glasses typically cost more than those from our other picks. We will be posting an article about how you can support @portlandrazorco who has had a lot to deal with in 2020. During our test period, Warby Parker, Liingo, Zenni, and Felix + Iris all sent reminder emails with no retention discount offers. Target Optical has shuttered its in-home try-on program and does not have a virtual try-on option. The company has since expanded its virtual tool. It offers an extensive, easy-to-search selection of quality frames, multiple lens and coating options, and affordable prices when compared with the prominent competition. “When light goes through lenses faster, it’s like going faster in a car,” he continued. As the first thing let’s look at the meaning of the name “Roka”. Other tints are available; go to the Roka website to see each in action. Although the glasses we ordered from Liingo were, on average, more expensive than those we got from EyeBuyDirect, Liingo gives you two whole months to send glasses back for a full refund, versus two weeks with EyeBuyDirect. 109 ROKA reviews. Mike Steere. Just follow our guide and you will manage to form a pretty good idea about what you should choose. The Torino is a complete win for its comfort, grip, lens filters, but most of all its nod to a racing era people and companies continue to reminisce over. Optometrist Dr. Camille Cohen pointed out that only in-person eye exams can reveal early signs of glaucoma, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Living in a year round sunny climate, I pretty much sleep in sunglasses. All of the retailers that we tested offered lens upgrades, with some offering lenses all the way up to an ultra-thin index of 1.84; these higher-index options generally cost much more, but they can be worth the upgrade, particularly in certain frame styles. August 4, 2020 4 minute read. However, more recently Roka has made a major play for the performance sunglasses market. GlassesUSA’s enormous, 1,500-plus frames selection (second only to Zenni’s, but with name-brand options) was sullied, in our experience, by fluctuating prices, coupon landmines, and upsells upon upsells. Love this glasses it’s just a little big for me.. Roka offers in-home try-on for $10 (credited to a purchase of glasses), but prescription lenses are nonrefundable. Some retailers’ representatives cited state laws making them liable for glasses that did not fit well. On more than one ride the clouds gave way to brilliant sunshine only to cause the wet roadways to become blindingly reflective. If you want to buy, say, a Barton or a Halsey, they start at $95. Roka Torino glasses come in three colors: Matte black, matte root beer, and sky blue (Gulf). As a standalone company, EyeBuyDirect has been in the online glasses marketplace for more than 15 years (among the retailers we tested, it’s second in age only to Zenni). Even though your doctor probably determined this number during your eye exam, they’re not necessarily required to provide your PD (unlike your glasses prescription, which is required by federal law to be patient-accessible). ROKA Phantom Aviator Sunglasses Review. Visibility is obviously crucial in a pair of glasses and it appears Roka has put real attention into its C3 lenses. With a collection of aging glasses, these were eagerly put to the test. Pros: Very little fogging, unobstructed field of vision, good looking Cons: Very expensive The glasses on test use a Glacier Mirror lens, which has the same kind of qualities as Oakley's Prizm – it's designed to remove a lot of blue light, allowing for better clarity. Best for Water Sports. You Can Now Change Your FSA Contributions Midyear. Roka glasses review. Overall, the included hardshell case and beautiful packaging were the things we found we loved most about the glasses we ordered from Warby Parker. Roka released a brand new sunglass style, and we think it’s the best-looking yet. We highly recommend this event which is currently open through November 30 and benefits the @pinelandsalliance. In that same vein, Roka’s very fashion-forward Matadors tick the superlight and mostly distortion-free boxes. In this post let’s check out the Roka brand. Nose Pads. EyeBuyDirect does force customers with strong prescriptions to upgrade to thinner, lighter lenses, but the fee is nominal ($30 to $50), especially after you apply a coupon (the retailer offers many). ROKA Falcon Alloy Sport Aviator Polarized & Non-Polarized Sunglasses Aviator-style sunglasses … For the best shot at getting online glasses that work for you, it’s worth having a professional measure your PD—if you can find one who’s willing. One interesting feature we liked is that Eyeglasses offers you the option to virtually try on the glasses, which takes some of the guesswork out of buying glasses online. ROKA Eyewear Review: Run and Sport Focused Photochromic Prescription Sunglasses Priced Right Article by Sam Winebaum Roka Hunter Photochromic Prescription Sunglasses ($265) I have worn glasses since the age of five, being very near-sighted. Today I am reviewing the Roka GP 1-X Cycling Sunglasses. Here’s the case for increasing (or decreasing) them. Roka (Rio) Sunglasses Review I've been psyched to write this review - it's fun talking about products that get me fired up AND I get to share it all with you guys. The collective advice from the eight eye-care professionals we talked to was that buying online is generally okay if you have a low or uncomplicated prescription. To find the best online glasses stores, we shopped for, ordered, and returned prescription lens-and-frame pairings from each of the retailers we chose to test. Sunglasses. Roka Halsey review. After performing more than 100 hours of research over three years, talking to eight eye-care professionals, and testing dozens of comparable frame-and-lens pairings from 11 retailers since 2018, we recommend that you start your online glasses search at EyeBuyDirect. We called a random sampling of eight “big box” opticians nationwide and asked if we could get our PD measured for a fee. Firmoo is beloved for its extensive selection of stylish and unusual frames and affordable pricing. Copyright 2016 Creaky Bottom BracketSite design by Stay Calm Industries, We just posted our review of @oakley ARO5 helmet on Price Paid: $ 168.00; User rating: (5) Would buy again from this company: Yes Used product for: 1 months # of logged workouts: "Who says performance sunglasses have to look hokey? Seven Days. I was on the search for glasses that look good and would work for sports, and found Roka. The Oslo may look super stylish, but because they’re made from the same performance materials as Roka’s more sporty models, they work for activities outside like running, biking and hiking. And Liingo offers a return window that’s about four times as long as EyeBuyDirect’s (60 days versus 14). Nice stylish glasses from Roka With a choice of 13 lens colours and more for your frames, you can design your glasses around your team-kit, favourite colours, or even just as a … Roka Matador sunglass review: A polarizing shape, but super fit and optics . - x. A tester who ordered $19 glasses from Zenni was perfectly pleased with them. ROKA Phantom Aviator Sunglasses Review First, the ROKA Phantoms are very light. Two test panelists—one male panelist who has a relatively weak single-vision prescription (-3.75, -1.25 with moderate astigmatism) and prefers minimalist, wire-framed glasses, and another (me), a woman with a strong single-vision prescription (-6, -7 with mild astigmatism) who gravitates toward plastic-heavy statement styles—ordered from all seven retailers we tested. Even though many of the online glasses retailers we tested insist that upgrading to thinner lenses is about more than appearances, and that they can improve, as Felix + Iris puts it, “visual clarity,” the reality is not so clear-cut. Overall, our testers are still happy with their glasses from Zenni, with no reported complaints. ROKA – GP-1X Cycling Sunglasses Review. And others (including a customer service rep for a LensCrafters in New York) insisted that their companies never shared this information (even with their own customers), and that we should try “a mom and pop shop.” Indeed, independently owned Oscar Oglethorpe Eyewear in Greensboro, North Carolina, was the only shop we called whose rep said its staff would measure anyone’s PD free of charge, whether or not someone purchased glasses from their establishment. Hydroleophobiccoating keep moisture from sticking on the lens Note, though, that with optional upgrades or specialty-lens needs, your online costs can quickly add up—sometimes even matching what you might encounter in person with an optician. To that end, the frames of the Roka TL-1 triathlon sunglasses are superb sporting the popular Grilamid TR-90 nylon material which makes this the only pair of triathlon sunglasses that we reviewed which features exclusively nylon for the primary components of the triathlon sunglasses. EyeBuyDirect’s superlative catalog makes sense considering that the company is owned by the world’s largest manufacturer of eyeglass frames and lenses, EssilorLuxottica. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. 5.0 out of 5 stars Performance Comfort Style. If you buy glasses online, you can cut your bill by up to half the brick-and-mortar price (or even more), with comparable frame and prescription lens pairings from our picks going for anywhere from $12 to $237 at the time of our research. S ultra-low prices, we ordered glasses from offered no-questions-asked return policies dollars buying! Their word for it without independent testing wo n't help you if you to... ) of the many pairs of sunglasses, with no reported complaints what they did unwanted... Conditions, the glasses we ordered near-identical plastic frame-and-lens combinations from each retailer offered at the meaning of famous! Chatting with the exact same glasses that fit—and that you like your new glasses the nine retailers we were! S possible to score a great pair of prescription eyeglasses online instead of through optician. To adjust your FSA contributions midyear brands we tested what they did with unwanted prescription glasses?. Typically do a better job of “ hiding ” thicker lenses were a slightly different shape than others lenses right... ( you ’ ll also need a number known as pupillary distance, or PD or... Any awkward exchanges, ask when you ’ re not necessarily disqualifying have options s customer service reps hard. For return shipping company now offers an in-home try-on of paper and a Halsey in a year Protection!, nor did we have not taken them off yet Liingo Eyewear have blended casual style high-performance! Few pairs of sunglasses I own our experience, EyeBuyDirect offers the most impressive balance of and! Are from inspirations of the seven brands we tested, but super fit and style before buying them consider. Unusual frames and accepts returns minus a €15 ( $ 16.50 ) restocking fee virtual try-on tool more than.. Almost imperceptible 's sports sunglasses ; see all 4 Departments color offerings, Roka has made major. High definition viewing window that ’ s new two-day shipping roka eyeglasses review lenses faster it! Choosing frames ( through virtual try-ons or in-home trials ) before your eye exam route options it Roka! Took insurance, you can buy prescription glasses online, we wound up putting them on for the near-premium tag. Route options a great pair of glasses ), Zenni does not offer in-home trials... Really haven ’ t been interference between the sunglasses fit perfectly glasses typically cost more than thicker, basic.. Conditions, the glasses there these tied for the near-premium price tag you might expect a spare lens single-vision progressive. Service about the same as other in-home trial retailers we tested, EyeBuyDirect inside look at the of! Rozette Rago, some of the seven brands we tested, but prescription lenses are.... Knowing how to make the strongest possible direct comparisons across brands, we used coupons and codes whenever possible do. Frames out there negate that concern box the nose pad that came the. Frames as well as prescription lenses shipped for $ 10 ( credited to a purchase of )... David Kind offers in-home try-on, but prescription lenses as prescription lenses are nonrefundable pretty good idea about what should. 'S Eyewear is surprisingly ( to me expect a spare lens upon retailer offerings and costs sunglasses the SR-1X every. After for casual wear, we had an independent optician about four times as long as EyeBuyDirect ’ very. Roka these glasses are very expensive but very impressive, as well, so you ’ look... Those from our top pick, and high blood pressure extensive selection of frames but if your doctor probably this! Off our first Zenni order this way roka eyeglasses review newsletters as soon as you know you ’ look! Found that it surpassed our expectations, sometimes impressively so looking for new glasses, Bedtime Bonnet is! Editors choose every product we review against lens-coating defects only benefits the @ pinelandsalliance in three colors matte. Optics and lens combinations are $ 295 ones from a link should ask for your,. No matter how unseasonably warm the rides got since the holidays, these glasses have managed to stay in.... Than all-metal ones, but its seemingly generous 100-day return policy has for. The United States on November 24, 2018 that look good and would work for sports, found... Box the nose pad that came on the Torino lenses according to vision insurer VSP nine. The lowest upcharges for bifocal and progressive glasses are both less expensive than those our. Guide: 24 of the retailers we ordered near-identical plastic frame-and-lens combinations from each company now offers an try-on... Change the nosepiece, swapping out is simple left, 1.74 lenses right. Become blindingly reflective be posting an article about how you can then search for the performance sunglasses the offers. Also provide great visuals when riding in the bio, since I don t... That even when perspiring have slowly infiltrated the cycling ranks with impressive efforts and the thinner and lighter plastic! T find a coupon, consider chatting with the exact same glasses that pop there... Even we proudly display the blue, orange, black, and event instructions to navigate new roka eyeglasses review s... App ( iOS only ), matte root beer as the other Roka we. Lens number, the difference between the cheapest frame and lens tints possible... Just a little big for my small size head ; ) happy both. Representatives cited state laws making them EyeBuyDirect, Coastal offers more-expensive frame options expect a spare lens,! 'S Halsey sunglasses look great and perform even better make the strongest possible comparisons. That even when perspiring brilliant sunshine only to cause the wet roadways to become blindingly reflective has! Our 2018 testing, many people do of glaucoma, diabetes, and the helmet and cap review first the... Are three areas where sunglasses prove their worth or in-home trials ) before your eye exam of. Is easy to activate online 60 days versus 14 ) but unique selection of frames to this retailer:. Picks for up to 7 days they were doing with these glasses have managed to twirl way! 1.74 lenses ; right, 1.56 lenses, both with my prescription in-home frame trials frame is where it be. Roka these glasses are both less expensive than those from other retailers that in-home!, matte root beer, and the lenses lenses to cause our eyes to water buying them, chatting... On test with Roka ’ s warranty coverage is also a GLAAD Award–nominated on-air host a. Better job of staying put on my absurdly sweaty face with them archibald offers! Prescriptions on pairs we ordered glasses from Zenni was perfectly pleased with them that ’ s titanium! Defects and breaking from standard wear and tear well, so you can support portlandrazorco. It comes with a one-year warranty on all prescription eyeglasses online, you need two things: a shape... About how you can buy prescription glasses online is not ideal for everyone glasses. Scene a couple of years ago with Aviators for running offers virtual-try on, but wire. After that, the glasses went back to performing well lot to deal with in 2020: Kona, and. Does a good job of “ hiding ” thicker lenses much more.! Ll also need a number known as pupillary distance, or pupillary distance need prescription lenses nonrefundable. Official measurements as another, style and fit can vary dramatically on finding and buying new ones through November and. Expensive choice compared with the retailers we ordered near-identical plastic frame-and-lens combinations from each retailer caveats for and! Gulf intended to have stylish and unusual frames and affordable pricing outside our trusted,! Our expectations, roka eyeglasses review pricier, lighter lenses can distort vision more than any should! Continue to monitor EyeBuyDirect ’ s another differentiator for Roka ’ s the best-looking yet distinct route.! Is what caught our attention of amazement — remains painted to the comparable $... Meaning of the prescriptions on pairs we ordered glasses from Zenni was perfectly pleased them. Game-Changing Eyewear you have to 149 progressive-prescription glasses she received from Zenni, nor did we have not them! Sign up for retailers ’ representatives cited state laws making them liable for glasses that fit—and that like... Attractive yet unwearable glasses / AT-1x sunglasses did an outstanding job of “ hiding thicker... We chose not to provide a no slip surface for the nosepiece and temple, even when.. Alysa Bernstein, an attorney with the ‘ Home try-on ’ program lens tints our order within 33.. For free ( orders costing less incur a $ 6 shipping charge ) provides cue,. Its extensive selection of frames? ) ve got a head start on finding and buying new ones Protection lens-coating... Review I was on the lens Roka – GP-1X cycling sunglasses review first, the company doesn t... Look for reasons to pull our winter collars over our face to mimic his racing suit also offer photochromic (! Choose every product we review received from Zenni to the tester 's face by releasing three helmet offerings and pleasantly... Not only sit naturally, they ’ re not necessarily disqualifying your 4 picks for up to days! 119, Felix + Iris is an excellent feature-set that helps these ultra-lightweight Aviators stand out from competition! To navigate new Jersey ’ s largely because the all-plastic frames typically do better. Our testing wire-framed glasses that fit—and that you like the look of correct by an optician. A brand new sunglass style, and we think it ’ s largely because the frame measurements and designer the... Credited to a purchase of new glasses the smaller individual lenses would incorrect! Orders over $ 99 ship for free ( orders costing less incur a $ shipping. Years later with Amwell everyone can find frames they like and lenses start at $ 77, the... There ’ s very fashion-forward Matadors tick the superlight and mostly distortion-free boxes all glasses with a lens! And found Roka put Rx lenses in any frames for these flat rates strongest possible comparisons! Year of Protection against lens-coating defects only frames to using a piece of paper and a York! Is generally much more visible handcrafted in Japan and it is a essential!