Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video. When Sony announced the PlayStation 4, they made it clear that they understood that the social aspect of gaming was critical and the ability to share the experience with others was something that the average user would enjoy. Alternatively, change your Share Settings to Easy Screenshots where the press works in contrary of the defaulted settings. Why Video Editing Software, Basic If you've never logged into Facebook or Twitter on your PlayStation 4, you will be asked to log in. The average screenshot is between 250 and 600 KB. The average screenshot is between 250 and 600 KB. All rights reserved. Please take note that you will have to log-in to your Facebook or Twitter account prior to uploading your screenshots and be prompted with a message to give your permission. Liza Brown For all … You can check this in the System Storage Management screen in the settings menu. Unless you are interested in how to save your screenshot to a USB Drive you are now finished and can successfully take and share screenshots! Check the box of each screenshot you want to share and then click Done. Do you often use the Share button the PlayStation 4? A short press on SHARE button (by default) will take you into the Share’s interface. Go back to the Share’s interface and select Upload Screenshot. If you want to share your screenshot on Facebook or Twitter, see Step 3 and Step 4. On your home screen, look for the Capture Gallery and launch it. Dec 23, 2020 14:31 PM, by Snaps a Screenshot at that moment. Check back next week for another edition of How To-. 4. Dec 23, 2020 14:29 PM, by I'm not sure if it's changed to the default since the f/w was released, but newer PS4 owners might not know that you can change the default screenshot format from .JPG to .PNG. Since the 2.50 firmware I havent been able to share screenshots. Editing Tips, Apply Select the image you would like to upload and press the X button. I enter the screenshot library, but all the screenshots are grayed out, and on the right it says Cannot select another screenshot. RELATED: Get In The Holiday Spirit With These Festive Gaming Greeting Cards. If you share a screenshot to Facebook or Twitter, it will also automatically share to your Activity feed as well, so there’s no need to do it twice. Sharing your PS4 screenshots is simple, for the most part. A couple of weeks ago, our brilliant community kicked off a PlayStation 4 screenshot competition. Click X to enter the gallery which includes all of your screenshots and video clips. Video Editing Tips, Audio google_ad_width = 160; //-->. From within the Capture Gallery, scroll to the game or activity that you are interested in saving a screenshot from. Make sure that you have enough memory on your PS4 Hard Drive to save the screenshot. After switching on your PS4, you’ll be prompted to press the PS button at the center of your controller. ,